International Order & Conflict
Issue Brief

Security and Peace Support in Afghanistan: Analysis and Short- to Medium-Term Options

This briefing applies to Afghanistan the strategic lessons learned from international peace implementation efforts in nearly twenty war-torn countries around the globe over the past two decades. Its purpose is to fill an analytical void and stimulate debate about:

  • security requirements in Afghanistan as the country enters two years of internationally-supported political, economic, and social transition;
  • the outside support needed to help it make that transition successfully; and
  • the tools available to provide that support.

The immediate impetus for this analysis was a roundtable meeting on April 3, 2002, hosted by the Stimson Center’s Future of Peace Operations project, to consider security issues in Afghanistan with representatives of non-governmental organizations with representatives in or recently returned from Afghanistan. Please see Annex III for attendees and acknowledgment of those who contributed their advice and critiques to this effort.

An early version of this briefing was presented at the roundtable on “Rebuilding Afghanistan and Ensuring Security,” hosted at the Brookings Institution on April 16th.
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