Environmental Security Program

Exploring environmental threats that have the potential to undermine national, regional, or global security.

Natural resource theft, environmental degradation and the climate crisis are just three of the ecosystem challenges threatening ecological, social, and economic security at all levels of society which can lead to fragility, destabilization and even conflicts that exacerbate geopolitical tensions.

Stimson’s Environmental Security program conducts research and analysis on these pressing environmental challenges facing communities around the globe, including wildlife trafficking, illegal fishing and the climate emergency. Working with international stakeholders across governments, civil society, businesses, and the security community we develop informed solutions that can be taken to action on the ground and in the water. The program uses our findings, policy recommendations and identifies opportunities to test their effectiveness and to make our ideas operational for real-world impact.

Climate Security
The Climate and Ocean Risk Vulnerability Index is a tool designed to help combat the impact of climate change by prioritizing action to reduce risk…
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