Conventional Defense Program

Reducing the risk and harm associated with the global arms trade

Stimson’s Conventional Defense Program seeks to reduce risk and minimize harm associated with the global arms trade. Reducing illicit arms trafficking and irresponsible weapons trade increases stability and security, upholds the values of human rights, protects civilians, and promotes multilateral cooperation. Stimson focuses on the U.S. and international arms trade, the export and use of armed drones, the provision of military assistance to governments using and supporting the use of child soldiers, and the development of international norms and standards to regulate the trade in and use of conventional weapons.

Child Soldiers
Examining the nexus between military assistance and the recruitment and use of child soldiers around the world
Promoting an effective, transparent, and accountable US drone policy and responsible international standards guiding drone transfers and use.
Managing the Arms Trade
Promoting long-term stability and security through responsible arms sales and advancing transparent and accountable policies and processes for arms transfer decisions
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