Funding Sources

As a research institution educating government officials, the media, and the public at large on international affairs issues, we have a responsibility to ensure that our work is free from conflict or bias. One way Stimson does that is through public transparency. On an annual basis, we provide a complete list of donors and funders for the most recent completed fiscal year.

2018 Donors and Funders

Organization NameTotal Amount (USD)Purpose
Advanced Concepts & Technologies$5,000 East Asia
Alan Platt$100-499General Support
Alexander Reed$1-99General Support
Alice Maroni$500-999General Support
Allerton Kilbourne$100-499General Support
Alton Frye $1,000-9,999 General Support$55.87General Support
American University$250General Support
Andrea Koppel-Pollack $1,000-9,999 General Support
Anonymous$40,000 Protecting Civilians in Conflict
Anonymous$100,000 East Asia
Asan Institute for Policy Studies$6,000 East Asia
AT Kearney$10,000 East Asia
Barry Blechman$50,000+General Support
Bed and Breakfast Associates Bay Colony$100-499Protecting Civilians in Conflict
Benjamin Rusek$100-499General Support
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation$4,300 General Support
Bowman Cutter$10,000-24,999General Support
Brett Lambert$10,000-24,999General Support
Brian Finlay$1,000-9,999General Support
Canon Institute for Global Studies$12,320.90 East Asia
Carnegie Corporation of New York$852,226 East Asia
Carol Giacomo$100-499General Support
Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation$5,000 Conventional Defense
Center for International Private Enterprise$60,431 Food Security
Centre for Armed Violence Reduction$6,841.03 Conventional Defense
China Dialogue Trust$5,000 Southeast Asia
Chino Cienega$10,000 Southeast Asia
Colombe Foundation$100,000 Amplifying New Voices: Pushing Back and Pushing Forward in a New Era
Control Arms$4,000 Conventional Defense
Courtney Spaeth$1,000-9,999General Support
CRDF Global$230South Asia
Daniel Rundle$100-499General Support
Daniel Russel$100-499General Support
DataTribe$5,000 General Support
David Ewing$100-499General Support
David J. Lane$1,000-9,999General Support
Dean Rust$100-499General Support
Debra Decker$100-499General Support
Department of Defense$25,203.49 Airforce Executive Fellowship
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Ireland$11,368 Conventional Defense
Department of the Navy$25,000 Navy Executive Fellowship
Dianne Schwartz$100-499General Support
Donald Rumsfeld and Joyce Rumsfeld$500-999General Support
DRS Technologies, Inc.$5,000 Conventional Defense
Ellen Laipson$100-499General Support
Embassy of Japan$103,500 East Asia
Embassy of the State of Qatar$600,000 Just Security 2020
Energy Peace Partners$39,840 Global Governance
Foundation to Promote Open Society$100,000 Conventional Defense
Francis Hoang$1,000-9,999General Support
Fred Whitridge$10,000-24,999General Support
Fredrik Hallgren$1-99General Support
Fujitsu Ltd.$5,000 East Asia
Gary R Gregg$50,000+General Support
General Atomics Aeronautical Systems$3,000 East Asia
General Dynamics$3,000 Conventional Defense
George Mason University$300Protecting Civilians in Conflict
George Washington University$70,000.15 Nuclear Safeguards, South Asia
Government of Canada$1,506,285.13 Promoting Security and Prosperity
Government of Finland$112,648 Partnership in Proliferation Prevention
Gregory Govan$100-499General Support
IHI Aerospace Co. Ltd.$5,000 East Asia
International Atomic Energy Agency$5,590 Nuclear Safeguards
ITOCHU Aviation, Inc$10,000 East Asia
James E. Auer Center, Inc.$12,000 East Asia
James Houck$100-499General Support
James Moriarty$100-499General Support
Japan Express Travel$150East Asia
Jeffrey Bader$100-499General Support
JETRO$60,000 East Asia
John Bellinger$1,000-9,999General Support
John Conner$100-499General Support
John McDivitt$100-499General Support
John Parachini$1,000-9,999General Support 
Jon D Beasley$100-499General Support 
Jubitz Family Foundation$10,000-24,999Amplifying New Voices: Pushing Back and Pushing Forward in a New Era
Kathleen Newland$500-999General Support
Kathryn Rauhut$1,000-9,999General Support
Ken Brill$1,000-9,999General Support
Kevin J. Cosgriff$1,000-9,999General Support
Korea Institute for National Unification$2,287 East Asia
Kris Balderston$500-999General Support 
Lansing E. Crane$10,000-24,999General Support
Lincoln P. Bloomfield, Jr.$100-499General Support
Linda Gustius$100-499General Support
Lockheed Martin$15,000 Conventional Defense
Lockheed Martin Government Affairs$2,500 East Asia
Lori Damrosch$1,000-9,999General Support
MacArthur Foundation$3,545,000 East Asia, Global Governance, Nuclear Security, Nuclear Safeguards, South Asia
Marubeni American Corporation$10,000 East Asia 
Mary Speiser$10,000-24,999General Support 
Medialinks TV LLC$600East Asia
Melanie Sisson$100-499General Support 
Michael Krepon$500-999General Support
Ministry of Defense, Japan$27,158 East Asia
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan$40,000 Conventional Defense
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Netherlands$80,000 Conventional Defense
Mission of The State of Qatar to the UN$600,000 Just Security 2020
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America, Inc.$17,500 East Asia
Mitsubishi International Corporation$5,000 East Asia
Mitsui & Co. Ltd.$5,000 East Asia
Nakia Bell$1-99General Support
Nelson B. Delavan Foundation$10,000 General Support
Nicole Piasecki$1,000-9,999General Support
NNSA$694,033.62 South Asia
Northrop Grumman Corporation$15,000 East Asia
Ocean Conservancy Inc.$24,000 Environmental Security 
Office of the Undersecretary of Defense, Policy Resource Management Office $76,991.71 Defense Strategy and Planning
Oksana Bellas$100-499General Support 
Outrider Foundation$5,000 Nuclear Security
Permanent Mission of Japan to the United Nations$9,000 Protecting Civilians in Conflict
Ploughshares$100,000 Nuclear Security, East Asia, Amplifying New Voices: Pushing Back and Pushing Forward in a New Era
Rachel Stohl$100-499General Support 
Richard Cupitt$1,000-9,999General Support
Richard M. Clarke$10,000-24,999General Support
Richard Ponzio$500-999General Support
Robert Gallucci$1,000-9,999General Support
Ronald Rolett$100-499General Support
Royal Norwegian Embassy of Beijing$250,000 East Asia
Royal Norwegian Embassy of Yangon$11,685.50 East Asia 
S&R Foundation$20,000 East Asia
S. Leslie Ireland$1,000-9,999General Support
SAIS$6,500 East Asia
Sameer Lalwani$100-499General Support 
Sarah Savoy$100-499General Support 
Sojitz Corporation of America$10,000 East Asia
St. Olaf College$1,000 Southeast Asia
Stanley Foundation$3,500 Nuclear Safeguards
Steve M. Goldstein$500-999General Support
Sumitomo$13,000 East Asia
Swiss Confederation$40,937.47 Conventional Defense
TECRO$105,000 East Asia
The Humphrey School$42,000 General Support
The McKnight Foundation$25,000 Southeast Asia
The Stanton Foundation$55,000 South Asia
The Walton Family Foundation$20,000 Environmental Security
Thomas Pickering$1,000-9,999General Support
Thomas Shooltz$1,000-9,999General Support
UNIDIR$10,000 Conventional Defense
United States Department of State$87,000 Nuclear Security, Southeast Asia
University of Maryland$104,378.30 Defense Strategy and Planning
USIP$12,500 Global Governance, Just Security 2020
VERTIC$67,108.85 Promoting Security and Prosperity
W. Bradford Gary $1,000-9,999General Support
William H. Draper III and Phyllis C. Draper$1,000-9,999General Support
William T. Breer$100-499General Support
XL Global Services Inc. (now AXA XL)$150,000 Environmental Security
Yun Sun $1,000-9,999General Support
Zachary Porter$100-499General Support
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