Energy, Water, and Sustainability Program

Building inclusive, evidence-based processes to strengthen transboundary water governance and optimize tradeoffs between water, energy, and sustainable development

The Energy, Water, & Sustainability Program at the Stimson Center addresses important and timely policy issues and technical opportunities concerning energy, water, and sustainable development in the Global South from a multidisciplinary perspective.

Our work on transboundary river basins identifies pathways towards enhancing water security and optimizing tradeoffs between water, energy, and sustainable development options in the Mekong, Ganges-Brahmaputra, Indus, Aral Sea and Euphrates-Tigris river basins.

We promote the renewable energy transition by looking at examples of lessons-learned from countries that have had breakthrough developments in renewable energy and opportunities to share these lessons with other countries in the Global South.

Finally, our transparency and remote-sensing work as exemplified by the Mekong Dam Monitor and Mekong Infrastructure Tracker gives local stakeholders the data and information necessary to negotiate for a more equitable share of natural resources in stressed-transboundary landscapes and watersheds.

Mekong Basin Connect
We act to conserve the mighty Mekong’s ecosystem through system-scale planning methods and promoting the renewable energy revolution in mainland Southeast Asia.
Mekong Dam Monitor
An open-source online platform for near-real time monitoring of dams and environmental impacts in the Mekong Basin
Women and Water Security
Water scarcity has broad ramifications for women, particularly in water-stressed regions. A gender-balanced water governance and policy framework will ensure a secure and sustainable water…
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