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The Role of African Regional and Subregional Organizations in Implementing Resolution 1540

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In April 2006, the Security Council passed Resolution 1673. The resolution extended the 1540 Committee’s mandate for an additional two years and invited the committee to “explore with States and international, regional and subregional organizations experience-sharing and lessons learned in the areas covered by resolution 1540 (2004), and the availability of programmes which might facilitate the implementation of resolution 1540”. In February the following year the Security Council debated ways to enhance implementation of 1540 and again expressed the need to further examine the role of international, regional and subregional organizations in terms of experience-sharing, lessons learned and availability of assistance programmes related to 1540 implementation. During that meeting some states’ representatives noted that cooperation within regional and subregional associations could contribute to 1540 implementation.

Read the full chapter from Implementing Resolution 1540: the Role of Regional Organizations here.

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