Global Governance, Justice & Security Program

Toward a “New Normal” in Global Order

As the world confronts myriad, interconnected challenges—from ending civil wars and extreme poverty to combating climate change and information warfare—the very concept of global collective action is in question. At the same time, the world faces a severe, and widening, governance deficit as our system of global governance is continually asked to do more with less. In addition to multiple challenges and obstacles to deliver justice and security across the globe, the current system is under attack by resurgent nationalism, protectionism, and critiques of the multilateral system’s legitimacy. Stimson’s Global Governance, Justice & Security Program (GGJustSec) aims to advance more capable global and regional institutions to better cope with existing and emerging global challenges and to create new opportunities through effective multilateral action, including with the global business community and civil society.

The Global Governance, Justice & Security program contributes timely knowledge products to an intergovernmental and multi-stakeholder conversation to produce meaningful changes in the international system. It builds directly on major milestones achieved by the Albright-Gambari Commission on Global Security, Justice & Governance (2014-2016) and Stimson’s Just Security 2020 Program (2016-2020), in addition to closely collaborating with the Coalition for the UN We Need, Together First, and Alliance for Multilateralism. Through a combination of policy dialogues, research and analysis, and online network-building, the program engages stakeholders to create change through four major (project-level) work streams.

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