China Program

Analysis of China’s strategic intentions and foreign policy behaviors

The changing dynamics between the United States and China is reshaping the international system. Historical, cultural, and political differences as well as misunderstandings of each other’s strategic intentions risk potentially catastrophic escalation across military, economic, and political realms. The way China interacts with the international community will help to define the 21st century’s political, economic, military, and governance norms worldwide.

Stimson’s China program works to assess China’s strategic intentions and foreign policy behaviors to reduce the likelihood of misunderstandings, misperceptions, and miscalculations. The program seeks to understandings of strategic considerations — not only of China and the United States, but also other states in and outside the region. Recognizing that dialogue is important for developing better understanding among regional actors, the program works to expand interaction between the Chinese foreign policy community and their counterparts in other countries.

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