Alfred Lee Loomis Innovation Council

The Stimson Center’s Loomis Council is a forum for America’s technology leaders and policymakers to share expertise, build innovative solutions to 21st century problems, and consider the future of U.S. technology policy.

The Stimson Center is an essential voice on transnational policy challenges, tackling global issues facing both policymakers and technology leaders. Like no other time in history, private companies are empowering billions around the world without regard to borders, bringing both positive change and presenting new challenges that conventional approaches to international policy are ill-suited to meet. The Loomis Innovation Council is the premier venue to address these international technology policy challenges, uniting Stimson’s long experience and international perspective with the technology sector’s unique ability to operationalize solutions.

For details on membership and sponsorship, contact the Advancement Team.

Featured Challenges

Powering Peace: Renewable Energy in Conflict-Affected Countries
Understanding Southern Asia with Machine Learning
Illegal Fishing: Automating Data Collection
Blockchain in Practice: Applications of Distributed Ledger Technology For International Security

Council Members

Loomis Club

The Loomis Council is grateful for founding grants from The SAGA Foundation and The Draper Richards Foundation, as well as the support of the following individuals: 

  • Andy Laursen
  • France Hoang
  • Steve Dauphin
Loomis Council Membership

Individual members of the Council have access to an impressive network of tech and policy experts as well as the opportunity to apply their specialized expertise to real-world policy challenges and participate in valuable conversations about the tech/policy nexus. Members participate in twice annual pitch meetings in which Stimson experts present policy problems with potential for tech interventions, engage in virtual brainstorming sessions on specific policy problems and topics, and facilitate introductions to others in their fields who may have insight into the issues Stimson’s programs are tackling.

Support the Loomis Council

Corporate sponsors benefit from access to the Loomis network, tailored briefings or presentations by Stimson staff, and exclusive readouts of Loomis Council projects. Recognition for contributions will be included in all literature, including on Stimson’s website and annual report. The Council will host periodic public events, at which corporate members will be acknowledged.

Who was Alfred Loomis?

Alfred Lee Loomis, a Wall Street investor turned inventor, was the first cousin of Henry L. Stimson. After making a personal fortune before the stock market crashed in 1929, Loomis funded a private lab that brought together some of the most accomplished scientists of the 1940s. Albert Einstein, Werner Heisenberg, Niels Bohr, and Enrico Fermi supported an effort that is credited with helping change the course of the Second World War and of humanity. The Loomis Council captures Loomis’ fervor for problemsolving, his maverick ability to operate beyond existing systems, and his commitment to advancing a better vision of tomorrow.

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