Join us for a briefing on our new “Spent Nuclear Fuel (SNF) Mapping” tool and learn how it can inform safeguards implementation of permanent SNF disposal deep underground.

Please join us for the book launch of The Wellington Experience: A Study of Attitudes and Values Within the Indian Army with author Col. David O. Smith (retired).

The book offers an in-depth analysis of India’s premier professional military education institution and challenges some conventional wisdom on the Indian armed forces’ training and education, internal and external threat perceptions, and attitudes towards the state and security issues.

As the nuclear community assesses the potential for distributed ledger technology (DLT; commonly called blockchain), what does it take to turn discussion into experimentation and action?

The Stimson Center brings together a panel of experts from five countries – United States (inQ), Canada (OARO), Argentina (CNEA); Jordan (MESIS); and Finland (STUK) – to discuss the unique security challenges within their national or regional contexts, and how they are testing the viability of blockchain as a solution. This event anticipates a rich conversation about the merits and challenges that blockchain technology presents for nuclear security, as well as a broader dialogue about pursuing bold ideas, tackling trial-and-error, and championing knowledge exchange in the nuclear field.

In this virtual panel discussion based on a South Asian Voices series, contributors from India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan will convene to discuss what a Trump or Biden victory might look like for the region.

The conversation will revolve around how the outcome of the upcoming U.S. presidential election may impact South Asia, from the Afghanistan peace process to dynamics in the Indo-Pacific, from ties with China to the India-Pakistan relationship.

International arms sales represent an enduring and prominent feature of U.S. foreign policy. Yet arms transfers come with inherent risks, and too often U.S. weapons contribute to global tensions, human rights violations, and civilian harm.

In recent years, Congress has relinquished its oversight responsibilities over who receives U.S. weapons and how they are used, often to devastating results. Join CIVIC and the Stimson Center for the launch of a new report on the ways in which Congress can reassert its oversight role and ensure that arms transfers better reflect American values and promote long-term U.S. interests.

Join us for the launch of Abraham M. Denmark’s new book “U.S. Strategy in the Asian Century: Empowering Allies and Partners.”

The United States must adapt its approach to the Indo-Pacific region as competition with China intensifies. Stimson’s Japan Program sits down with Abraham M. Denmark to discuss how the United States can better work with its regional partners to build a sustainable strategy.

Media Attendance

Members of the press are welcome to attend Stimson Center events.  In the uncommon case where space for press is limited, we may credential those attending. Please RSVP to ensure you have a spot.

Press Questions: Caitlin Goodman
[email protected]

Past Events

Join author Sebastian Strangio for an up close exploration of his new book In the Dragon’s Shadow: Southeast Asia in the Chinese Century. Stimson’s Brian Eyler will lead Sebastian through a Davos-style interview followed by a discussion panel with insight from Stimson’s Yun Sun and New York Times Beijing Bureau Chief Jane Perlez.

In 2017, the U.N. Security Council banned North Korea from selling fishing permits, but new monitoring methods show that hundreds of vessels originating from China have been fishing in North Korean waters in apparent violation of sanctions. What are the political, economic, and sustainability impacts of this practice for North Korea’s fisheries? Join us for a panel discussion to explore the implications for sanctions and fisheries management.

The Stimson Center’s Security for a New Century and 38 North Programs hosted a webinar to discuss: Managing Nuclear Risks with North Korea and Proliferation Risks Beyond the Korean Peninsula, with particular emphasis on contemporary policy issues surrounding North Korea’s nuclear weapons program, nuclear deterrence, and diplomacy in the region. The webinar was a closed-door, invitation-only program for congressional staffers and was part of SNC’s Korea Study Group event series.

The Stimson Center’s Security for a New Century (SNC) brought together a panel of experts to discuss Preventing the Next Great Catastrophe: How Congressional Leadership Can Reduce WMD Threats. The webinar was a closed-door, invitation-only program for congressional staffers. The panelists offered a combination of senior-level US government experience and analytical expertise of contemporary policy issues surrounding nuclear, chemical, and biological security.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s resignation caught the political establishment by surprise and set off a flurry of speculation about his successor. As the longest-serving prime minister in Japan’s history, Abe’s tenure faced a shifting security and economic environment in the Indo-Pacific. Now he leaves pressing domestic and foreign policy challenges to the next prime minister. Join us for a webinar discussing Abe’s resignation and what it means for Japan in the coming weeks.

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