In 2017, the U.N. Security Council banned North Korea from selling fishing permits, but new monitoring methods show that hundreds of vessels originating from China have been fishing in North Korean waters in apparent violation of sanctions. What are the political, economic, and sustainability impacts of this practice for North Korea’s fisheries? Join us for a panel discussion to explore the implications for sanctions and fisheries management.

Join author Sebastian Strangio for an up close exploration of his new book In the Dragon’s Shadow: Southeast Asia in the Chinese Century. Stimson’s Brian Eyler will lead Sebastian through a Davos-style interview followed by a discussion panel with insight from Stimson’s Yun Sun and New York Times Beijing Bureau Chief Jane Perlez.

Join us for a briefing on our new “Spent Nuclear Fuel (SNF) Mapping” tool and learn how it can inform safeguards implementation of permanent SNF disposal deep underground.

Please join us for the book launch of The Wellington Experience: A Study of Attitudes and Values Within the Indian Army with author Col. David O. Smith (retired).

The book offers an in-depth analysis of India’s premier professional military education institution and challenges some conventional wisdom on the Indian armed forces’ training and education, internal and external threat perceptions, and attitudes towards the state and security issues.

Media Attendance

Members of the press are welcome to attend Stimson Center events.  In the uncommon case where space for press is limited, we may credential those attending. Please RSVP to ensure you have a spot.

Press Questions: Caitlin Goodman
[email protected]

Past Events

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s resignation caught the political establishment by surprise and set off a flurry of speculation about his successor. As the longest-serving prime minister in Japan’s history, Abe’s tenure faced a shifting security and economic environment in the Indo-Pacific. Now he leaves pressing domestic and foreign policy challenges to the next prime minister. Join us for a webinar discussing Abe’s resignation and what it means for Japan in the coming weeks.

The Stimson Center and Stimson’s 38 North program, working with the World Affairs Council of Charlotte, presented a webinar to discuss the importance of the US commitment to the Korean Peninsula. Moderated by Dr. Clint Work, a Stimson Fellow, the webinar offered a virtual conversation with featured speaker, Gen. (Ret.) Curtis M. Scaparrotti, former Supreme Allied Commander, Europe and Commander, US European Command (2016-2019) and Commander, US Forces Korea (2013-2016).

The Stimson Center and Stimson’s 38 North program, working with the Alaska World Affairs Council, presented a panel of experts to discuss the importance of the US commitment to the Korean Peninsula. The panelists offered informed commentary on the importance of the relationship and its direct connection to the United States. Among a broad range of topics, the panel explored various steps to avoid renewed instability or conflict on the Korean Peninsula, the potentially enormous costs of failing to do so, and the need to uphold the US-ROK alliance and rethink how to approach diplomacy with North Korea.

Join USIP and the Stimson Center for a conversation, featuring Stimson South Asia Program Director Sameer Lalwani, focused on the tensions between India and Pakistan and prospects for resolving the bilateral dispute, as well as the domestic Kashmiri resistance and both the violent and non-violent movements within Kashmir that may challenge Indian attempts to reshape Kashmir’s status.

Please join us for a book launch discussion with author Patricia Norland and Professor Lien-Hang T. Nguyen.

The Saigon Sisters shares the stories of nine Vietnamese women who as childhood friends studied at a premier French school in Saigon and as adults chose to support Vietnam’s fight for independence. Through many interviews, letters, and exchanges, Patricia Norland traces these women’s individual stories as they follow different paths in pursuit of a shared ideal and how their stories converge again after the war.

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