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Members of the press are welcome to attend Stimson Center events.  In the uncommon case where space for press is limited, we may credential those attending. Please RSVP to ensure you have a spot.

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Past Events

With the increasing complexity of challenges at sea in the Indo-Pacific, from freedom of navigation to territorial issues, the U.S. and Japan have a renewed focus on maritime strategy to uphold liberal international order at sea.

Join us for the 2021 Voices of Japan symposium as our guests ADM John Richardson (31st Chief of Naval Operations, U.S. Navy) and ADM Tomohisa Takei (32nd Chief of Staff, JMSDF) discuss U.S.-Japan maritime cooperation in the Indo-Pacific region.

Join the Washington Foreign Law Society and the Stimson Center in this fourth in a series of discussions dissecting cyber issues as they relate to current and potential legal accountability: Cyber Accountability – Who did it? Is it wrong? Can they be stopped?

The increasingly tangible impact that the dissemination of online content may have on the offline world is leading to renewed calls for more stringent rules for online platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Governments are considering different approaches to platform accountability, with the European Union and Brazil providing leading examples that can help inform debate.

In this South Asian Voices virtual roundtable, experts will discuss four proposed or progressing connectivity initiatives: the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India pipeline, Gwadar and Chabahar Ports, and the North-South Corridor. They will explore geopolitical implications and future of each project, as well as the challenges in building regional connectivity.

The International Nuclear Security Forum is proud to present a country update describing how the United Kingdom’s nuclear security has evolved, featuring nuclear security expert Professor Christopher Hobbs (King’s College London).

This presentation will explore the United Kingdom’s approach to nuclear security, focusing on its evolving regulatory system, efforts to strengthen security culture within industry and response to the COVID-19 pandemic. A question-and-answer session will immediately follow the presentation.

The Philippines faces security challenges from within –maintaining peace in Muslim Mindanao and managing armed insurgency by the Communist Party of the Philippines’–as well as in the contested waters of the South China Sea where Chinese aggression threatens Philippine territorial claims. Although the military alliance with the U.S. is viewed as key to sustaining Philippine defense capabilities by the Armed Forces of the Philippines, the Duterte administration has sent mixed signals about the U.S. alliance. Join us for a discussion with Ann Bajo and Greg Poling about the Philippines’ security problems from Manila’s perspective.

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