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What is the Code of Conduct?

The Code of Conduct is a proposed executive level
agreement between states that sets out “rules of the road” for
operations in outer space.

Why is a Code of Conduct needed?

A Code of Conduct is needed to insure the safe
operation of satellites while at the same time increasing cooperation
in space, thereby reducing tensions that might lead to conflict in

Do codes of conduct exist for other purposes?

The United States now adheres to
and champions codes of conduct to prevent dangerous military practices
on the sea, ground and air, as well as to prevent proliferation and
terrorism. Space also deserves “rules of the road” to help prevent incidents and irresponsible activities.

Do you have a draft Code of Conduct?

The European Union has issued a draft Code of Conduct for outer space activities. A copy of the EU Code is available here (.pdf).
The Stimson Center has also drafted a model Code of Conduct, with
international NGO partners. To look at the draft Code of Conduct, see Model Code of Conduct for Responsible Space-Faring Nations.

What has been the response to the Code of Conduct?

The Code of Conduct approach has been endorsed by
multiple stakeholders in space, including governments, officials,
non-governmental organizations, and military personel. For more see our
page on Endorsements of a Code of Conduct.


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Code of Conduct?
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