South Asia Program

Critical exchange and open, objective inquiry of the power dynamics in and around Southern Asia

Nowhere is the risk of strategic instability and nuclear exchange greater than in South Asia. Should South Asia succumb to arms races, crises, and war, the region could play a destabilizing role well beyond the Subcontinent. The South Asia program produces policy analysis and academic research on regional strategic trends and geopolitical dynamics in order to inform both policy debates and scholarly work. We believe this dispassionate, reasoned approach is vital to generating high-quality strategic thinking that will advance regional and global stability.

The program also focuses its efforts on partnering with the next generation of South Asian analysts and policymakers to build better tools for regional stewardship and enduring relationships for deliberative engagement. We seek to foster space for respectful dialogue and debate for all those who seek it, be they rising scholars, contemporary experts, or even government officials from New Delhi, Islamabad, Washington DC, and Beijing.

South Asia Fellowships
Fellowship opportunities for individuals to expand their knowledge of security issues in the subcontinent and engage with the South Asia policy community in Washington, DC
South Asian Voices
An online policy platform for strategic analysis featuring emerging scholars and practitioners from across Southern Asia
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