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Former Research Assistant

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Ariella Knight is a Research Assistant with the Partnerships in Security and Development program at Stimson. Before joining Stimson, Ariella worked in monitoring, evaluation and learning at the Institute for Inclusive Security in Washington, D.C., focusing on program design for women, peace and security projects in conflict zones, and with the OMNI Institute in Denver, providing capacity building assistance for local non-profits. She holds a Bachelor of Arts with distinction in Political Science from Colorado College and is a candidate for Master of Science in Foreign Service at Georgetown University’s Walsh School of Foreign Service. She has co-authored articles in World Politics Review, the SAIS Journal of International Affairs and the International Relations and Security Network.

Research & Writing

A Voyage to Remember

A buoy revolutionized to meet new ocean data needs.  By Ariella Knight Five years ago, Nick Daws and his team at Fastwave, an Australian maritime data company, found themselves scratching their heads. Why was it, they wondered, that the majority o…

Stimson in the News
Stimson’s “Secure Oceans” report cited in National Interest

In the role-playing game of Dungeons and Dragons, players create characters based on a variety of skill levels and races.  They band together for adventures and campaigns seeking new weapons and magic or technologies that can help them in their qu…

Gliding to Secure Oceans

How a side project to design an environmentally friendly technology to record the “singing” of Humpback whales turned into a revolution of fuel-free autonomous power on our oceans.  n 2003, Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist, Joe Rizzi, set off to…

Can you hear me now? A university lab designs underwater microphones to listen for and detect illegal fishing and incursions into MPAs

Acoustics expert Martin Siderius is a problem solver. With a background in electrical and computer engineering, he has devoted himself to figuring out the problem of underwater acoustics – detecting and deciphering underwater noises – with the help of…

From Sailing Races to Securing Supply Chains from Illegal Fishing

It all started when someone sank the professor’s boat. Somewhere between 1999 and 2000, thieves broke into his unattended vessel that was left at port during the winter, made off with the engine and scuttled the ship to the bottom of the harbor. The fr…

Research Pages
Secure Our Oceans: Technology and Innovation to Safeguard Marine Protected Areas and Combat Illegal Fishing

In partnership with National Geographic’s Pristine Seas project   In response to rising international attention to the issue of fish crime and the threat it poses to conservation, development and international security, a global strategy to protec…

Stimson in the News
Johan Bergenas, Grace Mahoney and Ariella Knight op-ed in Diplomatic Courier on Peacekeeping and Developement

As the world closed the books on the Millenium Developement Goals last year (MDGs), there was much to celebrate. Remarkably, the international communirt cut extreme poverty in half, 90 percent of countries have more women in parliament since 1995, and…

A Peace Agenda on a Military Mission

As the world closed the books on the Millenium Development Goals last year (MDGs), there was much to celebrate. Remarkably, the international community cut extreme poverty in half, 90 percent of countries have more women in parliament since 1995, and 2…

Secure Oceans: Collaborative Policy and Technology Recommendations for the World’s Largest Crime Scene

Later this year, the United States Secretary of State, John Kerry, will welcome leaders from all around the world to a conference focused on the security of our oceans. High on the agenda is safeguarding marine protected areas (MPA) and addressing the…

How Safeguarding the Ocean Can Improve Global Security

In 2010, governments around the world agreed to protect 10 percent of the world’s oceans by 2020. Today, having just passed the halfway mark, prospects of achieving this ambitious goal seem bleak. Just over two percent of our oceans are recog…

Policy Paper
Green Terror: Environmental Crime and Illicit Financing

For decades, politicians have left the responsibility to protect the world’s natural resources to environmental organizations and aid agencies. Yet, with environmental crime on the rise and revenue filling the coffers of the world’s worst terrorist org…

Development’s New Best Friend: The Global Security Complex

There are two reasons why the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals are being securitized – 1) the hard lessons learned while implementing the Millennium Development Goals, and 2) a growing conviction that sustainable development and security are inextric…

Amidst migration crisis, can EU manage its borders?

Summer came to a bloody end with reports that up to 750 migrants heading to Europe perished on the Mediterranean Sea in mid-September. The record-breaking immigration numbers — this year so far, 130,000 illegal immigrants have reached Europe and 2,800…

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