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SOUTH ASIAN VOICES is the Stimson Center’s website initiative to allow greater visibility and means of expression to a rising generation of strategic analysts in Pakistan and India.

Why? Because rising talent on the subcontinent deserves a greater say in the region’s future. There are already excellent websites as well as outstanding blogging sites in India and Pakistan where readers can read excellent material. We hope to provide value added through greater and wider interaction.

While Stimson plays the role of convener, this website is a “joint venture” between bloggers from Pakistan and India. Stimson hosts the server for the website and serves as its gate-keeper for posts and comments, thereby ensuring quality control and blocking derogatory and unprofessional comments. We seek respectful and thoughtful commentary. Our intention is to give voice to fresh, innovative thinking.

In addition to serious and substantive blog posts, we invite informal and lighthearted commentary. Posts will reflect current research projects and papers, topical issues, or whatever seems important to say that is relevant to security on the subcontinent, broadly defined.

We offer a small number of Visiting Fellowships at Stimson for those who post outstanding material. Stimson looks forward to welcoming the first group of visiting fellows to Washington in July 2014.

South Asian Voices: This site belongs to you. Make of it what you will.


South Asian Voices bloggers Mansoor Ahmed and Sitakanta Mishra discuss

nuclear risk reduction measures at the Stimson Center on Dec. 13, 2013

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