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Pakistan continues to have a slight edge over its archrival India in the number of nuclear warheads, the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) revealed in its annual nuclear forces data, which outlines recent trends and developments in global nuclear arsenals.


As mentioned above, one of the principal reasons why Pakistan is outperforming India is because it is dedicating more fissile material to the production of nuclear weapons, according to the 2015 Carnegie Endowment for International Peace/Stimson Center report:

In terms of total stockpiles of plutonium and HEU [highly enriched uranium] for nuclear weapons, India has about 600 kilograms of plutonium, while Pakistan has about 170 kilograms of plutonium and 3.1 metric tons of HEU. Assuming that each nuclear weapon would require five kilograms of plutonium or 15 kilograms of HEU, with existing stockpiles of fissile material India could theoretically construct up to 120 weapons, while Pakistan could construct up to 240.

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