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As Namaste Trump meets Howdy Modi in India, common threat China looms large

By Akriti Vasudeva Quoted

Akriti Vasudeva quoted in South China Morning Post

If there is one foreign leader who has the inside track for organising the kind of over-the-top, boisterous public reception Donald Trump revels in, it has to be Narendra Modi – the Indian prime minister who in many ways is a kindred spirit to the showman US president.

Modi’s government is pulling out all the stops, at an expense of some US$14 million, ahead of the maiden two-day trip by the US president and First Lady Melania Trump that begins in Ahmedabad on Monday. The first day of Trump’s jam-packed itinerary includes a visit to Mahatma Gandhi’s Sabarmati Ashram – where he will receive the gift of a spinning wheel – followed by an exuberant mass rally with Modi to open the world’s largest cricket stadium. Capping off his first day in India will be a dusk visit with Melania to the 17th-century monument to love, the Taj Mahal.

Known for his disdain for far-flung trips, the US president has uncharacteristically raved about his upcoming Indian sojourn.

Read the full article in South China Morning Post.

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