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Ellen Laipson cited in Voice of America on advising the next president on Iran

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The Washington foreign policy establishment is salivating at the thought of a Hillary Clinton presidency, which promises to be more interventionist than Barack Obama’s administration and more open to elite views than a Donald Trump White House would be.

Think tanks are churning out papers on a variety of topics and pushing them under the noses of Clintonistas who are considered likely to land important positions assuming most polls are correct and Clinton beats Trump on November 8.


In contrast, a new report for the Atlantic Council to which this analyst contributed, would advise the next president to be more open to opportunities to build on the landmark nuclear agreement achieved with Iran last year.

The report, authored by Ellen Laipson, a distinguished former vice chair of the National Intelligence Council and former president of the Stimson Center (yet another Washington think tank), says that the next administration “will be able to use the newly established connections to some of Iran’s key decision-makers to address areas of disagreement before they become disputes or deep misunderstandings.” Laipson also supports enhanced people-to-people ties on areas of shared concern such as the environment and public health.

Read the full article here.

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