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Combatting the Undercurrents of Globalization in the Developing World

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In the last 150 years, advanced technology has served as a critical tool in achieving national and international goals and, by extension, to furthering the human condition. Public-private sector partnerships have been a critical component to making technology a force multiplier in this regard.  What is the great challenge technology and public-private sector partnerships will overcome in the 21st century?

Johan Bergenas, in this Occassional Paper titled “Combatting the Undercurrents of Globalization in the Developing World: The Next Frontier for the High Technology Industry” published by the Swedish Institute of International Affairs, provides the political context and a practical, scalable, and implementable example of how key public and private sector actors can work together and leverage high-tech to achieve today’s most pressing security and development objectives. 

The paper formulates the central themes of MAB’s ongoing Hybrid World Initiative project. For more information on the project, please click here.  


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