A Handbook of Confidence Building Measures for Regional Security (ed. 1)

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Michael Krepon, Dominique M. McCoy and Matthew C.J. Rudolph, eds, A Handbook of Confidence-Building Measures for Regional Security (Washington, DC: The Henry L. Stimson Center, September 1993).


Project on Confidence-building Measures for Regional Security (iii)

Contents (v)

List of Tables (vii)

List of Abbreviations (viii)

Preface and Acknowledgments (ix)

The Decade for Confidence-building Measures- Michael Krepon (1)

Confidence-building on Nuclear-related Issues between Argentina and Brazil (11)

East-West Confidence-building: Defusing the Cold War in Europe- Richard E. Darilek (17)

Confidence-building Measures on the Korean Peninsula (30)

The Preconditions of Confidence-building: Lessons from the European Experience – Cathleen S. Fisher (31)

Confidence-building Measures between Pakistan and India (46)

Sino-Indian Confidence-building Measures (49)

Bibliography (51)

Contributors (87)

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