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From the standpoint of security, globalization has made the world a far less safe and predictable place. Yet the forces that have driven the darker side of globalization have also yielded heretofore unimagined technological, economic, and development opportunities to citizens in virtually every corner of the globe. It has also opened up new avenues to better integrate private industry as a force for global good. 

Governments around the world have long struggled with the spread of weapons of mass destruction and the proliferation of related technologies. This report takes a bold approach to better aligning governments’ interest in ensuring nonproliferation with industry’s imperative to build market value. By better defining “shared value,” complementary and sustainable new approaches to proliferation prevention can and have been engendered. Three discrete case studies are presented. Each is eminently scalable and replicable at a global scale and has been demonstrated to be effective in the private marketplace. Each has the potential to help reshape government-industry relations for the betterment of global peace and prosperity.

Read the report here.

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