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In May 2014, Stimson’s Partners in Prevention Task Force endorsed seven proposals to close security gaps in global trade by better leveraging market incentives. Directed mainly at US policy and industry stakeholders, the recommendations were the result of an 18-month collaboration with high-tech manufacturers and service providers, transport and logistics firms, and insurance providers. In addition to ongoing individual interviews with private sector representatives, Stimson convened several closed-door industry roundtables on topics of special interest. Stimson also periodically briefed US government officials to ensure the relevance of the final Task Force proposals and to strengthen the partnerships crucial to the implementation phase now underway.

Supporting all of these efforts was a first-rate project team at Stimson. We are pleased now to present the Partners in Prevention Staff Report, based on the various research and analytical products prepared by the project team for the Task Force. As such, it largely reflects events prior to May 2014, though it has been updated in select cases to account for more recent developments. It also parallels the Task Force proposals in its focus on exports as an area critical to global trade and security issues.

While the Task Force recommendations were highly targeted and prescriptive, this report covers a much wider substantive range and elaborates key background issues. In so doing, it lays bare the urgent need to modernize public-private partnerships for a 21st-century economic and security environment. In collaboration with stakeholders from government, industry and civil society, we look forward to continuing this important work.

Watch Stimson’s Nate Olson discuss the Partners in Prevention project:

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