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In 2015, the Environmental Security Program is examining the evolving security, energy, shipping, and environmental trends that will shape the Arctic region in the coming decades, and assess their implications for decision-makers and stakeholders. Sustainable development and sound management of this global commons will be prove critical to fully utilize and manage the vast resources, while preserving security and environmental viability. Stimson will continue to explore national and international efforts to utilize, secure and preserve this vast area.


Asian Giants Look to the Arctic | February 26, 2014
By Katherine Cima and Russell Sticklor

Arctic Commerical Shipping and the Strategic Significance of the Northern Sea Route | December 20, 2013
By Rupert Herbert-Burns

Eyes on Yet Another Prize in the Arctic Ocean: Fisheries at the Top of the World | April 2, 2013
By Brendan McGovern and Russell Sticklor

Relocating The Reset: US-Russian Partnership In The Arctic | March 1, 2012
By Caitlyn Antrim

Adding Foresight To The Emerging Arctic Regime | November 16, 2010
By Caitlyn Antrim

Timeline: Arctic Territorial Claims and Agreements

This timeline provides an in-depth look at the evolution of territorial claims, disputes, governance issues and agreements concerning the Arctic Ocean and the Arctic littoral states. With average sea ice coverage expected to continue dissipating over the coming decades, new areas will become accesible for commercial fishing, shipping, and energy development, forcing Arctic states to map out sovereign boundaries to legally and peacefully utilize the region’s vast natural resource wealth. To view the full timeline, click here.

Timeline: Evolution of Arctic Energy Development

The seabed beneath the Arctic Ocean is home to some of the largest untapped oil and natural gas reserves on the planet. Owing to the newfound accessibility of a warming Arctic and technological innovations in deep-sea drilling technology, a number of major energy companies have flocked to the region in recent years to set up operations. These new arrivals join a long list of private sector interests who have traveled to the Arctic over the past several decades to try to unlock the region’s energy-production potential. To view the full timeline, click here.



Climate and Security: Views from the Global North and South | October 21, 2013


The fourth installment of Stimson’s 2013 Environment and Security Discussion Series explores the various ways that climate change is impacting the national security and economic development of two key countries in the Global North and Global South, respectively. Shiela Riordon will discuss the intersection of climate and security from a Canadian perspective, highlighting how a warming Arctic is influencing commercial shipping and economic development in Canada’s far north. Read More>>

Russia’s Arctic Development Strategy And Opportunities For Regional Collaboration | March 27, 2012


The Arctic Ocean is hastily becoming the center of attention for Arctic States – especially Russia – vying for sovereignty of its disputed regions, enabling natural resource and energy development. Dr. Alexander Pelyasov joined Stimson to present highlights of Russia’s Development Strategy for the Arctic Zone… Read More>>


Caitlyn Antrim Testifies Before The House Sub-Committee On Energy and Mineral Resources | November 8, 2011

Caitlyn Antrim testified before the House Sub-Committee on Energy and Mineral Resources to discuss US interests in joining the Law of the Sea Convention and the Extended Continental Shelf… Read More>>

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