Islam and Politics: Renewal and Resistance in the Muslim World

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In Islam and Politics: Renewal and Resistance in the Muslim World, Muslim writers, regional experts, and Stimson analysts discuss contemporary Muslim thinking about issues at the forefront of Western concern: particularly those which go to the heart of the difficulty between the West and the Muslim world. These include mutual concerns about violence perpetrated by the other, and a mutual perception of a fundamental divergence in approaches to the proper relationship between religion and the governance of society.

Stimson’s Regional Voices: Transnational Challenges project is devoted to enhancing the information and analysis available to policymakers about emerging transnational security challenges in the Middle East, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and East Africa. For more information on the project, please visit

ISBN: 978-0-9821935-1-8

Cover photos: Father and son reading the Koran, Indonesia © 1996 Lindsay Hebberd/Corbis; India elections © 2004 Amit Bhargava/Corbis

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