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African Civilian Police Capacity for International Peacekeeping Operations

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In recent years, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of African police deployed in peacekeeping operations, as well as the number of peacekeeping police deployed in Africa. African nations have increased their contributions of police to international peacekeeping missions both those led by the UN and the African Union at a time when police contributions from Western nations have declined. This African contribution to international peace and security brings with it both opportunities and concerns.

This report examines four central issues surrounding African police personnel in peacekeeping missions: 1) how non-African nations contribute to African capacity, 2) how African police help fill current needs for peacekeeping police, 3) the kinds of roles that African police playing in peacekeeping missions, and 4:) the challenges that African nations face in contributing police to peacekeeping missions.

Africa’s police contribution to international peacekeeping should be welcomed and encouraged by the world community. By assessing the current state of African peacekeeping police, this report aims to provide a basis for thinking about how Africa can continue to develop its police capacity.

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