Chinese Perspectives on Confidence-Building Measures

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Where is China heading? How will Beijing practice the use of CBMs, which the extraordinary Norwegian peace-maker and strategic analyst, Johan Jørgen Holst, defined twenty years ago as instruments to convey “credible evidence of the absence of feared threats”?

China’s economic growth and military potential have commanded the attention of its neighbors, and with good reason. China has fought wars with the United States and Japan, and has clashed with Russia and India over disputed borders. Beijing’s relations with all four of these countries remain critical “works in progress.” How these bilateral relationships evolve will define key contours of international relations in the twenty-first century.

Chinese views toward the theory and practice of confidence-building measures matter a great deal, which is why the Henry L. Stimson Center has published this first ever English-language collection of essays exclusively on CBMs written by Chinese authors. This volume offers a rare glimpse of Chinese views and thinking on these important issues.

This collection of essays includes:

I. Confidence-building Measures in Asia by Liu Huaqiu and Zheng Hua;
II. The Evolution of Chinese Views Toward CBMs by Xia Liping;
III. Asian Security and CBMs Over the Next Decade by Tian Xinjian and Feng Haixia;
IV. Sino-Japanese Relations and Measures to Enhance Mutual Trust by Yang Bojiang.



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