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President Biden nominates Stimson Board Member for Secretary of the Navy

Featuring Carlos Del Toro  ·  Brian Finlay

Today the White House announced the nomination of Carlos Del Toro to be the next Secretary of the Navy. Del Toro is CEO of SBG Technology Solutions and has been a member of the Stimson Center Board of Directors since 2018.

“We are excited and proud that the president has asked Carlos del Toro to continue his public service in this senior role. Carlos is a great American. He has been an engaged and generous board member and while, if confirmed, we will miss him on our board, our loss will be the Navy’s—and our country’s—gain.”

Stimson Center CEO Brian Finlay.

Del Toro had a 22-year career with the US Navy and retired as a Commander prior to founding SBG Technology Solutions. He was elected President of the White House Fellows Foundation and Alumni Association in 2018 and has been the recipient of numerous awards and recognitions. Full bio.

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