Kawa Hassan

Nonresident Fellow

Kawa Hassan is Nonresident Fellow at Stimson Center where he provides expertise in support of Stimpson programming in the Middle East and North Africa. Prior to joining Stimson Center, he was Vice President MENA Program and Director Brussels Center at EastWest Institute (EWI). In that role, Kawa Hassan expanded EWI MENA Program by leading Iran-Saudi Dialogue Initiative and Algeria-Morocco Business Dialogue, developed a protocol on Preventing Incidents at Sea in the Gulf region, facilitated common understandings and mediated between the two main Kurdish parties in Syria, assisted Iraqi partners to improve bilateral and multilateral relations with neighbors, engaged with governments, donors, policy makers, practitioners and academics in Europe, US and MENA, and provided thought leadership on Iraq and MENA developments.    

Kawa Hassan is author and co-editor of numerous publications and a frequent media commentator on Iraq, Syria, Kurdish politics and Middle East affairs. His further  accomplishments include: contributed the chapter “A Collapsing Order: State Pillage and Social Protest in Post-Saddam Iraq” to the edited volume of George Mason University “From Territorial Defeat to Global ISIS: Lessons Learned”; serving as a member of NATO Mission Iraq Strategic Assessment Capability (NMISAC), an Independent Advisory Group that provides strategic, systematic, independent, evidence-based advice and insights to senior NATO Commanders to support existing assessments of the situation in Iraq and the region; assuming lead-authorship of the research report “Iraq, Climate-Related Security Risk Assessment,” which was used in the July 2018 UN Security Council debate on the nexus between climate change and security, brought forward under the Swedish Presidency of the Council; serving as a member of the Atlantic Council’s Task Force Report on the Future of Iraq “Achieving Long Term Stability to Ensure the Defeat of ISIS;” co-leading the Working Group Rights & Protection of Minorities in the Middle East, Fondation Maison des sciences de l’homme (FMSH), Paris; and giving regular speeches, lectures, hearings and briefings at think tanks, universities, government agencies and the European Parliament.

Previously, he was a visiting scholar/non-resident scholar at the Carnegie Middle East Center, Beirut and knowledge officer at Hivos, The Hague. Furthermore, he worked for UNDP and international organizations in Sri Lanka, Iraq and the Netherlands leading post-Tsunami, post-conflict, research, peace building and capacity building programs.  Hassan also worked as a media analyst for the Dutch television and radio channels covering the Iraq War in 2003, and as an interpreter/translator for refugees and asylum seekers in the Netherlands. Kawa Hassan holds a Master of Science in International Relations, Political Science from the University of Amsterdam (1996-2003),and studied English and German at the Al-Mustansiriya University, Baghdad, Iraq (1988-1991).

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