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Stimson Center Environmental Security Program Applauds President Biden’s pick of Janet Coit for Administrator of the National Marine Fisheries Service at NOAA

Sally Yozell, Director of the Stimson Center’s Environmental Security Program, said:

“I applaud the choice of Janet Coit as the new Administrator for NOAA Fisheries. In this new job, she will continue to strike the right balance, looking out for the economic security of US fishermen and women, furthering the conservation and management needed to enhance sustainable fisheries in the U.S. and internationally, and developing nature-based defenses for climate smart fisheries.

Her effective management style in Rhode Island will easily translate into the steady and tireless leadership required to combat illegal, unregulated, and unreported fishing globally, manage our domestic fisheries, expand off-shore wind energy, and help President Biden meet his ‘30 by 30’ goals to protect habitats important for sustainable fisheries. 

Janet has played important and active roles in these issues already, including bringing the fishing industry to the table during the development of the Block Island off-shore wind project. I anticipate she will continue to level the playing field for ocean communities and businesses by supporting balanced ocean planning and combatting illegal fishing around the world.    

I have worked with Janet for many years, first in the Senate, later at the Nature Conservancy, and recently when she led Rhode Island’s Department of Environmental Management. She is smart, persuasive and has the confidence of Secretary of Commerce Raimondo to get any job over the finish line.”

The Stimson Center’s Environmental Security Program has been working closely with the U.S. federal agencies and Congress, international governments, and partners around the world to end IUU fishing and labor abuses. The Program examines the linkages between environmental degradation and resource usage, and how that affects the economic, food, and ecological security of countries, particularly in developing nations, and how if those issues are not addressed, instability and conflict may result.

Sally Yozell is a Senior Fellow and Director of the Environmental Security program at the Stimson Center. Yozell’s research examines the suite of environmental threats that have the potential to undermine national, regional, or global security. Her work focuses on ocean security, climate security, and wildlife protection.  Prior to joining Stimson, Yozell was a Senior Advisor on ocean issues to Secretary of State John Kerry, and formerly the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Oceans and Atmosphere and Director of Policy for NOAA.

The Stimson Center promotes international security, shared prosperity & justice through applied research and independent analysis, deep engagement, and policy innovation.‌ For three decades, Stimson has been a leading voice on urgent global issues. Founded in the twilight years of the Cold War, the Stimson Center pioneered practical new steps toward stability and security in an uncertain world. Today, as changes in power and technology usher in a challenging new era, Stimson is at the forefront: Engaging new voices, generating innovative ideas and analysis, and building solutions to promote international security, prosperity, and justice. More at


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