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The Hybrid World Initiative (HWI) at Managing Across Boundaries offers insights and foresights on three defining aspects of international relations today: (1) Capacity-building at the intersection of defense, security and development; (2) Taking advantage of the nexus where wise public policy and profit meet; and (3) The expanding set of stakeholders and powerbrokers that includes not just states but also mayors of the world’s largest cities, chief executives of multinational companies, technology innovators, civil society groups and private citizens.

We work with governments, private sector stakeholders and civil society organizations to build strategic partnerships beyond traditional boundaries.  Our research and analysis always aim to recommend pragmatic and implementable projects that integrate these three trends.

For a brief, downloadable overview of HWI, please click here (PDF); for an overview of the “dual benefit” model, please click here; and for an overview of the Higher Purpose project, please click here.

Ongoing work

Bridging the security/development divide:

We work globally to bridge the security/development divide through collaborations with donor governments, multilateral organizations and developing and emerging economies.  Our dual benefit model to implementing international mandates, such as United Nations Security Council Resolution 1540, and other nonproliferation regime components is widely recognized as having redefined the conversation on the interconnectedness between security and development challenges. The model aims to achieve realistic, sustainable programs that enable developing countries to better meet their international obligations while simultaneously making progress toward addressing their most pressing domestic security and development needs.

Higher Purpose Focus: Expanding the role of the high technology industry

Since 2010, the Higher Purpose Focus project has worked extensively with the concept of sustainable development through security capacity building.  The project is developing a model and pilot projects in collaboration with governments, high technology companies in the aerospace, defense and security sectors, multilateral organizations and civil society to capitalize on the nexus where wise public policy meets the private sector’s profit incentives.

Quantifying the Hybrid Framework

HWI is currently in the process of developing a database that quantifies our hybrid world and the hybrid framework that is emerging to respond to globalization’s complex challenges and opportunities.

Thought leadership

We publish our ideas in prominent media outlets and we continuously contribute new knowledge in academic, policy, and business forums that reach global audiences, including:

We also organize and participate in other initiatives with our partners and peer organizations, such as the Turtle Bay Security Roundtable at the United Nations and Urban World 2030. 

We always wish to grow the consortium of supporters and stakeholders in order to find innovative solutions to today’s and tomorrow’s most pressing defense, security and development challenges.


For more information on this initiative contact:

Brian Finlay
Managing Director and Senior Associate
Managing Across Boundaries|Stimson
[email protected]

Johan Bergenäs
Deputy Director
Managing Across Boundaries|Stimson
[email protected]

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