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David Michel and Mona Yacoubian co-author piece on Middle Eastern environmental issues in Al-Monitor

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David Michel, Director of the Environmental Security Program, and Mona Yacoubian, a Senior Advisor with the Middle East/Southwest Asia Program, published an article in Al-Monitor on July 30, 2012, titled, “Arab Spring Must Also Weather Environmental Threats.” The article identifies the growing challenges posed by water and food scarcity, climate change, and urbanization within the Arab world. Highlighting the findings of a 2011 report by the Arab Forum for Environment and Development, the article recommends the development of a green economy by outlining the benefits of transforming the construction, waste management, agriculture, and renewable energy sectors. Through the promotion of environmental sustainability, the authors conclude that transitioning to green economies will help the region fulfill the promise held by the Arab Spring. Click here to read. 

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