Michael Krepon’s Politico Op-Ed On Ambitious Foreign Policy Is Featured In The Atlantic Wire

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Michael Krepon in Politico on Obama’s low foreign policy ambitions “Remember when American presidents set out to do big things in the world?” asks Krepon, the co-founder of the security think-tank the Stimson Center, lamenting a lack of broad ambition and direction in Obama’s approach to world politics. Not all ambitions succeed, of course, but the President has hardly even attempted, he argues. “If an ambitious proposal is not offered, failure seems assured, with consequences to follow. What ever happened to the audacity of hope?” Mike Doran, a Middle East expert for the Brookings Institution, agrees: “IMHO, the true Obama Doctrine: ‘We don’t need a Foreign Policy.'” And BBC News analyst Dr. James Boys writes “Good article on @Politico today addressing the lack of US vision in the world.”

To read the full story, click here.

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