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Partnerships in Proliferation Prevention

Highlighting civil society activities to strengthen nuclear security
Published October 29, 2021

After the attacks, the international community developed new forums for international cooperation to oppose WMD proliferation and terrorism
Published September 10, 2021

Policy Paper
Challenges in the 1540 nonproliferation assistance process result in unmatched formal assistance requests despite hundreds of nonproliferation assistance activities on offer across the globe
Published July 26, 2021

The UN Security Council has voted to extend the mandate of the 1540 Committee, allowing for a third Comprehensive Review of Resolution 1540.
By Beatrice Neal  ·  Payson Ruhl
Published May 26, 2021

Project Note
On February 26, 2021 the Stimson Center and American University unveiled its Cheminformatics database tool and software.
Published April 2, 2021

Policy Paper
In the aftermath of the widespread use of chemical weapons during the First World War, many countries committed to not use such weapons again in the 1925 Geneva Protocol.United Nations, Office of Disarmament Affairs, Protocol for the Prohibition of the …

Missing: Legal Frameworks for Chemical Security Read More »

Published December 15, 2020

Working Paper
This article was also co-authored by Stefano Costanzi and Gregory D. Klobentz.Stefano Costanzi is an Associate Professor of Chemistry at American University with an educational background in both the chemical sciences and international affairs. His cur …

Leveraging Cheminformatics to Bolster the Control of Chemical Warfare Agents and their Precursors Read More »

By Richard Cupitt Co-author
Published December 4, 2020

Policy Memo
Radioactive materials remain notably vulnerable to use by violent groups
Published October 20, 2020

Policy Memo
It could be easier for countries to get help for their nonproliferation efforts
Published October 13, 2020

Working Paper
This article was also co-authored by Stefano Costanzi, Charlotte K. Slavick, Brent O. Hutcheson, and Gregory D. Koblentz Abstract To support efforts to stem the proliferation of chemical weapons (CW), we have curated and structurally annotated CW-contr …

Lists of Chemical Warfare Agents and Precursors from International Nonproliferation Frameworks Read More »

By Richard Cupitt Co-author
Published September 22, 2020

Policy Memo
There are not clear international standards or legal obligations to ensure the security of these chemicals that can be used to make chemical weapons
Published September 18, 2020

Policy Paper
Originally published in the Strategic Trade Review Journal Originally published in the Strategic Trade Research Journal Volume 5, Issue 7, Winter 2019.
By Richard Cupitt Co-Author ·  Mary Vecellio Co-Author
Published May 12, 2020

Even in a pandemic, global governance institutions still need to prevent the spread of biological and chemical weapons.
By Richard Cupitt Author
Published April 29, 2020

Highlighting civil society assistance activities to strengthen biological safety and security
Published March 27, 2020

Stimson’s Assistance Support Initiative (ASI) is helping prevent WMD proliferation around the world
Published December 5, 2019

Data Tool
Databases of UN Member States’ legal measures related to radiological trade controls
Published August 20, 2019

Data Tool
Databases of UN Member States’ legal measures that include an explicit obligation to secure radioactive sources, related apparatus, or facilities to empower stakeholders
Published April 23, 2019

Ambassador Jari Luoto, Ambassador of Finland, Policy Coordinator, Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism (GICNT) Ambassador Jari Luoto serves as the Implementation and Assessment Group (IAG) coordinator of the Global Initiative to Fight Global T …

Finland is Combating Nuclear Terrorism – Learn How Read More »

Published February 25, 2019 / Held March 12, 2019

FEATURING: Dr. Richard T. Cupitt, Senior Fellow and Program Director, Partnerships in Proliferation Prevention, The Henry L. Stimson Center Dr. Richard T. Cupitt is Senior Fellow and Director of the Partnerships in Proliferation Prevention Program at t …

Going Global on Chemical Safety and Security Read More »

Published November 29, 2018 / Held December 17, 2018

The Stimson Center announced today that Richard T. Cupitt has been appointed as a Senior Associate and Director of the Center’s new Partnerships in Proliferation Prevention program. The Partnerships in Proliferation Prevention program supports the 1540 …

Richard T. Cupitt Joins Stimson as Senior Associate Read More »

Published July 27, 2017

Assistance Support Initiative States worldwide struggle to implement effectively the obligations of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1540 and other international nonproliferation treaties and commitments.  As a result, States, international g …

Partnerships in Proliferation Prevention Program Read More »

Published July 21, 2017

During the Stimson Center’s 25th anniversary year, we are convening events to celebrate accomplishments and to consider hard work that lies ahead.  One source of pride is Stimson’s involvement in the issues surrounding the negotiation and ratifica …

The Challenges of Chemical Weapons Proliferation and Use Read More »

Published March 27, 2014 / Held November 10, 2014

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