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Agreement On Reducing The Risk From Accidents Relating To Nuclear Weapons

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The Government of Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the Government of Republic of India, hereinafter referred to as the Parties:-

Recalling the Memorandum of Understanding signed at Lahore on 21 February 1999 between the two countries;

Recognizing that both Parties have national measures including Command and Control structures to guard against accidents related to nuclear weapons;

Recognizing that the nuclear dimension of the security environment of the two countries adds to their responsibility for avoidance of conflict between the two countries;

Committed to the objective of global and non-discriminatory nuclear disarmament;

Conscious of the need for adopting measures aimed at promoting a stable environment of peace and security between the two countries; Have agreed as follows:-


 Each Party shall maintain and improve, as it deems necessary, existing national measures including organizational and technical arrangements, to guard against accidents related to nuclear weapons under its control.


 The Parties shall notify each other immediately in the event of any accident relating to nuclear weapons, under their respective jurisdiction or control, which could create the risk of a radioactive fallout, with adverse consequences for both sides, or create the risk of an outbreak of a nuclear war between the two countries. In the event of such an accident the Party within whose jurisdiction or control the accident has taken place will immediately take necessary measures to minimize the radiological consequences of such an accident.

The obligation of a Party to notify shall be in respect of only such accidents which may result in an international transboundary release that could be of radiological safety significance or have security implication for the other Party.


 In the event of occurrence of an accident of the type referred to in Article-2 of this Agreement:

(i) Each Party shall act in such a manner as to reduce the possibilities of its actions being misinterpreted by the other Party;

(ii) In case of likely impact of the accident on the other party, the first Party shall inform the other Party forthwith with relevant information.


 The Parties shall make use of the hotline links between the two Foreign Secretaries and DGMOs or any other appropriate communication link as mutually agreed upon between their Governments for transmission of, or request for, urgent information in situations relating to the implementation of this Agreement. The Parties may also make use of any other communication channels, including diplomatic channels depending upon the urgency of the situation.


Information obtained by a Party pursuant to this Agreement shall not be disclosed to a third Party without the prior consent of the other Party except where it concerns environment, public health or safety.


 This Agreement shall not affect the rights and obligations of the Parties under existing international agreements to which they are a Party.


 The Parties may hold consultations, as mutually agreed upon, to review the implementation of the provisions of this Agreement as well as to consider possible amendments aimed at furthering the objectives of this Agreement. Amendments shall enter into force in accordance with procedures that shall be agreed upon.


 This Agreement shall remain in force for a period of five years. Upon agreement by the Parties, the Agreement may be extended for successive periods of five years at a time. A Party may withdraw from this Agreement by giving six months written notice to the other indicating its intention to terminate the Agreement.

In witness whereof the undersigned being duly authorized thereto by their respective Governments, have signed this Agreement.

Done at New Delhi on 21 February 2007 in two originals, in English language, each text being equally authentic.

 K.C. Singh
Additional Foreign Secretary
For Government of the
Republic of India

Tariq Osman Hyder
Additional Foreign Secretary
For Government of the
Islamic Republic of Pakistan

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