International Order & Conflict

UN Peacekeeping, American Policy, and the Uncivil Wars of the 1990s

Edited by William J. Durch

This book evaluates American policy toward peacekeeping in the
mid-1990s, and presents detailed case studies of UN operations in
Angola, Cambodia, El Salvador, the former Yugoslavia, Mozambique,
Rwanda, and Somalia. Each of these operations severely tested the UN’s
ability to keep the peace in a world of turmoil. The book begins with a
concise treatment of lessons learned the hard way in these operations,
and of the impact of US domestic politics on the entire endeavor. Note
that the findings of a now out of print April 1995 Stimson publication,
Handbook on United Nations Peace Operations,
by Pamela L. Reed, J. Matthew Vaccaro, and William J. Durch, have been
incorporated into this volume as has Stimson’s July 1995 out of print
Occasional Paper No. 23: Keeping the Peace in the Borderlands of Russia, by Kevin O’Prey.

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