Catalogue of Civil Society Activities Strengthening Nuclear Security

Highlighting civil society activities to strengthen nuclear security

Civil society is essential to strengthening nuclear security and nonproliferation. This catalogue is a uniform collection of projects led by civil society organizations that outlines the ways in which these groups contribute to nuclear security. With this resource, the international organizations, states, and industry will have a better understanding of the myriad ways in which civil society contributes to nuclear security.

The International Nuclear Security Forum and the Henry L. Stimson Center are pleased to present a pilot catalogue of civil society capacity building, assistance, and/or research programs. The catalogue highlights for all interested parties, including the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and its Member States, the Global Partnership Against the Spread of Weapons and Materials of Mass Destruction, Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism, INTERPOL, and industry stakeholders, civil society’s contributions to strengthen nuclear security and nonproliferation. By providing a uniform product, interested parties will be able to easily identify programs, experts, and organizations that support different areas of nuclear security.

In total, 18 organizations submitted 64 projects to the catalogue, the majority of which were think tanks and research or academic institutes. These civil society organizations were spread across five continents, with ten organizations based in the United States, two in Austria, and the rest coming from India, Ghana, Georgia, Belgium, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

The median project duration, as of the time of submission, was approximately 1.5 years, and the geographic focus was overwhelmingly described as “worldwide,” with 51 of the 64 projects identifying as such. Project types largely fell into the categories of “training and education,” “improving nuclear security culture,” “best practice or lessons learned exchanges,” and “strengthening international nuclear security architecture.”

This catalogue is compiled by the Henry L. Stimson Center and the International Nuclear Security Forum. Material contained in this catalogue will also be included in the Stimson Center’s UNSC Resolution 1540 Assistance Support Initiative (ASI) Database.

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