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Radiological Trade Controls by UN Member States

Databases of UN Member States’ legal measures related to radiological trade controls

The Stimson Center created two spreadsheet databases of UN Member States’ legal measures related to radiological trade controls. The two databases have distinct units of analysis: Measure-Level and State-Level. In addition to putting together a compendium of legal texts, the Stimson Center has evaluated the measures against key elements of the IAEA’s Guidance on the Import and Export of Radioactive Sources.   

The Radiological Trade Controls Measure Level Database includes 249 measures for 104 UN Member States.  Measures specifically related to radiological trade controls could not be found for 89 UN Member States.

The Radiological Trade Controls State Level Database offers analysis of all 193 UN Member States’ legal efforts to secure radiological sources.

To better understand what the databases show, Stimson has also included the Codebooks used to develop and assess each of the trade control databases as PDFs.

Should you have questions about the Codebook or the database, please contact Dr. Richard T. Cupitt, Director of the Partnerships in Proliferation Prevention Program.

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