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News Roundup for August 8, 2019

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USA Today: India and Pakistan have been fighting over Kashmir for decades. Is this tug of war about to go nuclear? [by Vandana Ravikumar] – Sameer Lalwani quoted – August 7

Washington Post: India just pulled Jammu and Kashmir’s autonomy. Here’s why that is a big deal for this contested region. [by Ahsan I. Butt, Nonresident Fellow] – August 7

Reuters: ‘We will make them pay’: North Korea launches missiles, condemns U.S.-South Korea drills [by Josh Smith and Joyce Lee] – Jenny Town and 38 North mentioned – August 7

Forbes: Danger Lies Ahead After Trump And Putin Kill The INF Treaty [by Michael Krepon] – August 6

Korea Herald: ‘Soul-searching needed for Korea, Japan, over trade row’ [by Kim So-hyun] – Yuki Tatsumi mentioned – August 8

Union Leader: Bolton reminds Kim of missile pledge after North Korea warns of ‘new road’ [by David Brunnstrom and Josh Smith] – Jenny Town quoted – August 6

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