Krepon: UN Comprehensive Nuclear-Test Ban Treaty Resolution ‘Essential’

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Stimson Center Co-Founder Michael Krepon released the following statement in light of the United Nations Security Council resolution today that affirmed the principles of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test Ban Treaty: 

“After the George W. Bush administration’s quiet efforts to walk away from the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, this unusual public reaffirmation of the Treaty by means of a U.N. Security Council resolution was essential. The companion statement by the Permanent Five Members of the Security Council further underscores common obligations not to defeat the object and purpose of the Treaty by carrying out nuclear explosive testing. The Obama administration deserves praise for these steps. Nothing in this resolution and the companion P-5 statement will adversely affect ongoing stockpile stewardship programs.” 

Additional Resources:
Testimony of Michael Krepon on The Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, September 7, 2016.

Photo credit: U.N. Photo via Flickr
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