Applying to the UN “In The Name Of Taiwan”

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“Applying to the UN “in the name of ‘Taiwan’”” by Alan D. Romberg appears in China Leadership Monitor, No. 22, Fall 2007. China Leadership Monitor is sponsored by the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution, and Peace at Stanford University.


The issue that has dominated the trilateral U.S.-Taiwan-PRC agenda in recent months and that seems destined to do so for some time to come is the DPP referendum on joining the United Nations “in the name of ‘Taiwan.’” The issue of a “Second Republic” constitution, which was a matter of such great sensitivity in the first half of the year, has simply faded away with the passage of time and under the intense light of U.S. and Mainland attention. However, the UN referendum issue, already a matter of some controversy by early summer, came to occupy center stage not only in the election campaign, but also among all three actors in the triangular relationship.


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