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Climate Governance Commission

21st Century Governance for Exponential Climate Action
Confronting the global climate emergency by identifying high impact global governance solutions for climate action
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The Stimson Center’s Global Governance, Justice and Security program is a strategic partner of the Climate Governance Commission. The Commission aims to fill a crucial gap in confronting the global climate emergency, by innovating and proposing feasible, high impact global governance solutions for urgent, exponential climate action, to limit global temperature rise to or below 1.5°C. The Commission will build on and add value to existing knowledge, and ongoing work climate and the environment, by focusing specifically on improvements to the global governance architecture to facilitate or leverage high impact climate solutions identified by the Exponential Roadmap and related initiatives. The Stimson Center contributes to the Commission’s work with research, policy analysis, strategic guidance, and through the convening of policy dialogues and public/policymaker engagement, including through the activities of the Global Governance Innovation Network.

The Climate Governance Commission will diagnose obstacles to climate action and propose effective global governance responses. For example: 1) global financing policies and the unlocking of greater and systematized investment in the new economy, including R&D for key sectors/issues; 2) legal frameworks for the recognition of the global commons and the whole earth system/planetary boundaries; 3) global carbon pricing; 4) designing a state-of-the-art Global Environmental Agency; 5) UN Security Council and UN whole system response; and 6) “accelerant” roles of the Bretton Woods institutions, and other economic/finance institutions such as the AIIB, NDB and EIB, etc.

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