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The Arms Trade Treaty project helps States identify the requirements necessary to effectively implement the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) – the first global, legally binding treaty to regulate international arms transfers. The project aims to assist States in understanding their ATT obligations, promote effective treaty implementation, and ensure comprehensive and robust ATT reporting with toolkits and analytical resources. Stimson has developed a ratification checklist, the ATT-BAP Baseline Assessment Survey, the ATT-BAP online portal and country profiles on treaty implementation, guidance and trainings for completing the initial and annual reports a dataset on States’ national transfer controls, and a significant body of analytical research.


The Arms Trade Treaty-Baseline Assessment Project (ATT-BAP), developed by Rachel Stohl of the Stimson Center and Paul Holtom of Coventry University, seeks to provide clear guidance on the obligations contained within the ATT and to establish a baseline assessment of States’ abilities to implement the Treaty.

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