Roberto Dondisch

Dr. Dondisch is a Distinguished Fellow with the Conventional Defense Program. International negotiator and strategist, former Diplomat and chief negotiator to the Paris Climate Change Agreement, UN SDGs, and the Arms Trade Treaty. Roberto Dondisch has worked in Government, NGO, academia, International Organizations and the private sector.

Living currently in Seattle, WA, where he previously served as Head Consul of Mexico, he now consults on international political risk, cross-national investment and multilateral processes.

Dr. Dondisch served as Director-General (Assistant-Secretary) for Global Issues within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mexico, and Chief Negotiator of Mexico for the Paris Climate Change Agreement, where he presided the negotiations on cycles and future commitments for mitigation. He also headed negotiations for the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and facilitated the outcome document of the 1st United Nations Environmental Assembly.

Roberto was Mexico’s Chief Negotiator for the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), where he facilitated the section on Diversion, and coordinated various groupings of progressive and affected countries. He first started working on the ATT as an NGO member, co-founding the Latin-American coalition Against Armed Conflict (CLAVE). Before that, he served as Special Advisor for International Security, General Coordinator for the Youth-20 Summit, Deputy Coordinator of the COP-16/CMP-6 climate meetings in Cancun and focal point for the Mexican participation as elected member of the UN Security Council.

Dr. Dondisch holds a PhD and Master of Arts in International Studies (Johns Hopkins SAIS); a Master of Science in Foreign Service (Georgetown University) and a Licenciatura in International Relations (Universidad Iberoamericana). He has authored diverse books and articles on political risk, drug and arms trafficking, security and democratic governance and has taught at various Universities.

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