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Rachel Stohl’s drones work honored in Prospect 2016 Think Tank Awards

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It is hard to remember a year like it. Brexit, the collapse of the David Cameron’s government and now the election of Donald Trump have sent the political world into a spin. By any measure, 2016 will go down as the graveyard of orthodoxy.

The populist surge in the United States, Britain and continental Europe represents a politics that promises the earth first, and only worries about how it’s all going to be delivered later. That poses enormous challenges for policy specialists, for whom the gritty prosaic realities of making real things happen are always front of mind.


Moving to the International Affairs (US) category, the Hudson Institute was lauded as “an important player with a very explicit agenda with hugely valuable networks, while the Center for the Study of the Drone conducted “important but very specialised work” this year. The Stimson Center was also praised for its work on drone warfare and Freedom House and Inter-American Dialogue were also commended. But emerging at the top of this impressive pile was the Copenhagen Consensus Center, which claims this year’s award for its work, on the international relations aspect of environmental policy especially, which was “truly innovative and global in its scope. It combined issues of immense importance with an impressive record of engagement and persuasion.”

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