US Foreign Policy
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Presentation to the Strategic Deterrent Coalition Symposium

Protecting  U.S. Security by Stretching and Reducing the Planned Nuclear Modernization Program

U.S. security depends mainly on our global political leadership, diplomacy, and economic instruments of power — private and public. It also depends critically on our conventional military superiority — superiority which has been hard-earned through the scale and longevity of the American taxpayers’ investments in advanced technologies and systems, through the maintenance of very large armed forces, and by investing the resources necessary to ensure the high quality and training of our service men and women. Maintaining U.S. conventional superiority is key to U.S. security; China and Russia are advancing their relative capabilities, but they remain both quantitatively and qualitatively inferior, and will likely remain so for many years so long as the American people remain willing to continue to invest significantly in advanced military technologies and forces.

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