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Barry Blechman Takes to the Airwaves to Talk About “Strategic Agility”

Stimson Co-founder and Distinguished Fellow Barry Blechman, who also served as chairman of Stimson’s Defense Advisory Committee, has been making the rounds on TV and radio to discuss our new report, “Strategic Agility: Strong National Defense for Today’s Global and Fiscal Realities.” The report, produced in partnership with the Peterson Foundation, offers 27 specific recommendations that would save the U.S. Department of Defense about $50 billion while maintaining current levels of national security.

To watch Blechman’s interview on “This Week in Defense News,” click here.

To listen to his interview on the nationally-syndicated radio program, “The Josh Tolley Show,” (in hour 2 of the 9/25/2013 show) click here.

To listen to his interview on “Daybreak USA” on the USA Radio Network (18 minutes into the program), click here

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