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Conflict Prevention and Confidence-Building Measures in South Asia: The 1990 Crisis

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Michael Krepon and Mishi Faruqee, eds.

Was there a near-nuclear war between India and Pakistan in 1990? To help set the record straight, the Stimson Center convened a meeting on February 16, 1994 with US officials who could provide authoritative eye witness accounts of this important crisis.

Occasional Paper 17 is a transcript of this on-the-record discussion which was led by former US Ambassador to India William Clark and former US Ambassador to Pakistan Robert Oakley. Participating in this discussion were the U.S. defense attaches at both embassies, who traveled extensively during the crisis and watched the Indian and Pakistani militaries at very close quarters. We invited knowledgeable Indian and Pakistani officials to join us, as well as South Asian reporters who were based in Washington, DC.

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