Trade, Technology & Security Program

Understanding the implications of the global trade and use of technology on international security

Global trade influences politics, conflict, development, and security. Yet too often, trade is viewed through a narrow economic lens. Stimson’s Trade, Technology, and Security program widens the aperture of existing analysis through examining the growing intersection of trade and security challenges. From technology transfers and additive manufacturing, to global non-proliferation efforts — the Trade, Technology, and Security program develops public-private partnerships, pinpoints win-win opportunities, and fosters norms, systems, and institutions that durably promote security and prosperity.

Strategic Trade Management Initiative
Helping governments implement and enforce international obligations regarding trade in dual-use technologies and sanctions by generating actionable recommendations and practitioner-friendly guidance.
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Trade 21
Helping stakeholders understand and harness the global economy’s market, regulatory, and institutional dynamics to make global trade and investment work better for all
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