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Restoring the UN Sanctions System: Getting Around the Chasm Between the P5

Recent media reports allege that disunity among the Permanent Five (P5) members of the UN Security Council has led Russia to block appointments of experts to UN sanctions monitoring panels, threatening a new Cold War style-stalemate. These technical and politically neutral panels were established to investigate those most responsible for conflicts, atrocities, terrorism and WMD proliferation. This event will explore the influential role the E10 (elected members of the Security Council) can play in counterbalancing the P5.

The panelists are experienced UN sanctions experts and practitioners who have assisted Security Council members in conducting the High Level Review of UN sanctions and developing a best-practices guide for the implementation of UN sanctions.

Featured Speakers

Dr. Richard Ponzio, Director, Global Governance, Justice and Security Program and Senior Fellow, Stimson. Previously, he directed the Global Governance Program at The Hague Institute for Global Justice.

Ms. Loraine Rickard-Martin is a Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Compliance and Capacity Skills International and former senior political affairs officer of the UN sanctions branch.  

Mr. Enrico Carisch is a Co-founder and Managing Director of Compliance and Capacity Skills international and former sanctions monitoring expert.

Dr. Hans-Jakob Schindler is the Senior Director of the Counter Extremism Project (New York and Berlin), co-chair of the Advisory Board of the Global Diplomatic Forum (GDF) in London, and former Coordinator and Expert of the ISIL(Da’esh) Al-Qaida/Taliban Sanctions Monitoring Team.

Mr. Thomas W. Bifwoli is the Chief Executive Officer of Compliance and Capacity Skills International-Africa, and former officer with Kenya Revenue Authority and the World Customs Organization

Moderated By

Dr. Seema Gahlaut is the Director of Strategic Trade Management Initiative, and Senior Fellow, Trade, Technology and Security Program at Stimson.

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