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Strategic Trade Management Initiative

Compliance with Dual-Use Technology Trade and Sanctions
Helping governments implement and enforce international obligations regarding trade in dual-use technologies and sanctions by generating actionable recommendations and practitioner-friendly guidance.
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The international trade in dual-use technologies—those that have military and commercial purposes—is complex and multi-faceted. A plethora of international obligations, coupled with a patchwork of national regulations, makes controlling dual-use items particularly challenging. National governments are expected to transform these standards into specific guidance for agencies and industry. The Stimson Center’s Strategic Trade Management Initiative (STMI) facilitates efforts by national governments to regulate foreign and domestic trade in dual-use technologies by translating current international obligations into actionable recommendations and advising on ways to improve inter-agency coordination. STMI extends similar services regarding the enforcement of US and UN sanctions. Through customized training and consultancy services, STMI also works with governments to develop compliance standards; effective ways to communicate those standards to industry, and helps industry better understand and comply with existing regulations. The project team also facilitates stakeholder discussions on challenges posed by dual-use technologies and creates opportunities for coordinated action among countries and between national governments and industry.

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