Zeba Fazli

Research Associate

South Asia

Zeba Fazli is a Research Associate with the South Asia Program at the Stimson Center, where she leads the Strategic Learning initiative. Her research interests include geopolitics in South Asia and popular narratives and rhetoric about strategic relations between India and Pakistan. Previously, Zeba worked at the New York chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations as Development Coordinator. She completed her MA in South Asian Studies from Columbia University, writing her thesis on understandings of Muslim identity in modern India. While at Columbia, she also served as a Research Assistant, helping to put together an undergraduate course on Indian media and politics. Zeba holds a BA in History from New York University.


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Tweet, Retaliate, Repeat: Social Media, Dissent, and Celebrity In Modern India

This article was originally published in South Asian Voices.

Policy Paper
From Kargil to Balakot: Southern Asian Crisis Dynamics and Future Trajectories

Two decade review: South Asia crises will likely escalate further & faster as escalation pressure and crisis management challenges grow

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